Coming soon!

Hi! It’s Jocelyn. Soon I’m going to start writing book reviews! It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, but being so busy with things at home is exhausting. So I think I’m going to start a section to start writing reviews of books that I’ve read, kind of like a way to mention authors I would recommend, and to keep track of the books I’ve read. I really want to start to be more active and have some kind of consistency on this blog, along with my second personal blog.

So check them out whenever you get a chance.

So in the posts about books, there’ll be a thesis, along with supportive context based on background information about the author and topic. I’ll have a summary of the context, and a critical analysis of its strengths and weaknesses.

I feel like I’ve done things like this before, but nothing on my blog really focused on a targeted idea. So this is kinda my way of growing up now that I’ve got the time to do so.


An Issue

The issue of net neutrality is something in question this month. I was wondering with the fragility of higher orders, when will we develop a sense that what we have access to isn’t really what’s best for us? With the idea of artificial intelligence developing, if you develop a grand sense that thinking beyond things we shouldn’t understand… wheather it’s a human or form of matter that’s like a sticker we’ve developed and motioned to be what’s being abused,

Or what if we’re a collection of things that turned out to be a form of life that’s not aware of what kind of intelligence is really intelligent?

Hi, it’s Jocelyn! Recently I’ve thought about the issue of net neutrality. Right now it’s not really something that I would have to speak about because ‘






Hi. It’s Jocelyn. The first thing I really wanna do is go get breakfast. I used to eat with my brother and his father. Sometimes with Bobby too. We went to chains like iHop or Old Country Buffet. So embarassing. If I were to be executed, I’d wanna have the fun dirt people make out of Oreos, chocolate pudding, and gummy bears. Yummy.

Anywho, It’s been eyeopening and I’m uncomfortable now going to waterparks. Like what if they’re places where people pee and that gets all in your head? Gross.

I really wanna iPod shuffle. I wonder what happened to mines??

I’m comfortable home right now. I’m so sleepy. I had less than eight hours of sleep recently. I’m organizing some stuff right now.  I’m traveling back to Chicago in a couple of hours. I’m having fun journaling and whatnot.


Hi! It’s Jocelyn. In light of the celebration of Thanksgiving on this day, I cater too the idea that this period at the end of the year is only for me to enjoy with the company of stuffing my face with the multicultural advantages that I’ve got available to me.

To kick off the holiday season, brought to me with care and curiousity, I’ve got jerk chicken, and a giant turkey leg. This turkey leg is probably better than enjoying chicken.

On Sunday my father and I were speaking to each other through the phone- a very short conversation in fact- I actually talked to my sister either Friday or Sunday before, and she told me my father’s moved.

I’m celebrating this holiday with the distant relatives in the suburbs on my father’s side. She invited me over for Thanksgiving so I’ll be attending with my dad. It shouldn’t be weird, but it’s gonna be so annoying dealing with input about college. I can’t afford a university degree right now so I don’t know how they’ll take it.

It’s chilly here…

Hi! It’s Jocelyn. Today I got some stuff from Walgreens. I went to the one in the neighbourood. Earlier today I went shopping. I’m so glad now that I could do what I think I’m supposed to be here on the internet. She, my mother, Jacqueline told me “congradulations,” when I finally told her that I want to be a blogger. I think she’s catering now to the fact that I’m not what her expectations of me are whatever that they’re supposed to be. Anyway, here’s the link to the upload. Check it out or whatever.

Side note: my ‘brother’s birthday is tomorrow, the 25th. They said that they’re gonna be going out, but i dunno wheather or not i’m going to be going with them 😦

Hi, it’s Jocelyn.

I’ve been thinking about trimming my hair a lot.

Recently I’ve returned to classes. I’m some hours away from Chicago, IL- but I’m not too far. I started school in August. I’m still so tired.

After years of modifying it, I think it’s just time to maintain it when it’s short. I thought about a pixie cut, that’s totally me, right?


Hey there.

There were some days I didn’t think was my best. I struggled with some sense and stability of insecurity. I was afraid I was too gone. Some of those days happened before I met you. Some happened after.

I didn’t know how much I was dependent on others around me.

So I walked thru the door, playing the messenger of my mom’s madness.

It was so weird how someone could tailor her insecurity.

Would you tailor mine?