Sunday. I want to make a playlist from all the aged emails I have from Spotify. I think I’ll do it sometime this summer on YouTube because I get a lot of boredom these days!


Tue 7:32 PM

Hello, it’s Jocelyn. Nothing has really been happening. I’d like to go to school in the fall semester, but it’s been difficult to apply. Today I didn’t have to think very much, which is great actually. I feel sick though.

It is my fault, my only one I think. Maybe I should’ve waited to go west to get my hair did. It’s very exhausting living a carefree life honestly.

6. Go to as Many Music Festivals in the Summer 

Sunday. Emily Bergan, a member, and I went to Lollapalooza a few years ago. 2013, and ’14 I think. Lollapalooza is traditionally a three year festival in Grant park, usually at the beginning of August. I can’t remember if I partied for one or two years. I’m not really sure why I went, truely. I was able to attend for free, due to unforseen circumtances, but I don’t realize where I was really at with going to a festival when I couldn’t cope with what I am.

36. Sneak into a Movie

It’s Jocelyn! Today I had a lot to comer in the city. I went out in the afternoon becaus3 I really wanted a mint chocolate chip shake this morning. Yum!!

I felt less anxious with security I’ve been having, and hope readers gain a greater understanding outside of themselves. I love focusing on what I do get with each pancake I swallow each morning.

I ordered half a dozen too– they were soo fluffy! I love the special Dunkin’ Donuts has on their drinks.

And I sometime don’t realize how I’m quick to impact some interactions I have with each person I talk to[o]..Thought: Mayne stepping back and appreciating what we remain to outsource opportunity to anything greater than we could understand is super comprehensible, and perhaps, able to mediate any negativity in action?? Maybe…

4. Meet new people, befriend strangers

I thought I should start with something that was thin, and close to home to I.
Online opportunities were an addiction as youth. I wonder, at this moment “who really put me on?”

I don’t recall much of the complicatedness.

There was a club with penguins, clips that were small, and addicting games.

Like really, I don’t remember an agreement to play games! I just did it…!

Some of my interests sprouted from three major site’s I will credit to what felt like a middle age.
Now remember where you came from, friend!