4. Meet new people, befriend strangers

I thought I should start with something that was thin, and close to home to I.
Online opportunities were an addiction as youth. I wonder, at this moment “who really put me on?”

I don’t recall much of the complicatedness.

There was a club with penguins, clips that were small, and addicting games.

Like really, I don’t remember an agreement to play games! I just did it…!

Some of my interests sprouted from three major site’s I will credit to what felt like a middle age.
Now remember where you came from, friend!


It’s me, Jocelyn. 

I know we’ve seen things that are not ideal situations for the future, and it’s super scary– but we’ve been able to cope with genocide, both visual, and silent, depressions, attacks, here in the United States. 

It’s exhausting. 

The United States is known as being the most wealthy country in the west.

During the first stage of a state budget deficit, my fears were shaken when I worried, hopefully about the remainder of loss in structure we would have, being Illinois. 

How are out our values changing without higher education? 

I want to know when what isn’t a state of cannibalism, physically, emotionally, psychotically, rationally, reasonably, and mentally can exhale, finally. 

And James Madison was our only forefather. 


I’ve been home a lot, so my senses have manipulated a lot of things. I live in Chicago,  so I know how different it is from other places like California, Nevada, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Florida, naming a few. 
Home has been a place I’ve grown from pictures, writing, and eating.  A lot. 

My father gifted me a set with tools a doctor would use. 

I remember storing it under my bed. And I don’t remember how often I would take it out. 

I searched in my room today, for a covering sweater to overlay the custom tank I made. 

On the west wall, peeking in through my window, is light.

It made me think, 

Everything we really know is a pshycology trick dog, 

14. Buy Something with all Pennies. 

It’s Jocelyn. It’s no clue that some people choose to begin dabbling with substances like tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol if they have the sources to do so. 

So I started here in Chicago sometime in high school. 

I didn’t have any obvious issues– it’s something I do outside of activities like volleyball.