33. Visit Six Flags.

culx:television, for the real world.

Take for example, a vision or sight, pixeling a world and situations in-denial, not like this one, of course, but states have several instances of accuracy that allow formation of a situation to mind.
So to conclude my exploration, the ability to explorer with no frequencies, and possibly obstacles with restriction of the senses to do. i will my way o way to go my way whereevery you want.

Life is probably one large acid flashback for aliens, and numbers are tracing their memories. 

Now go back to class! 


First blog post

I’d be lying if I said I were happy.

I’ll never forget who i am, but honestly i’ll never miss it. i miss the days i used to come smelling like outside. i miss the days when i didn’t worry about time.
i miss you but i believe we are all going through something.


In December, I learned how to play the guitar. I taught myself!

Learning guitar is quite simple. When you push a string down on one fret, that string will make a sound then it would if the string wasn’t pushed down.

Swimming is one of my favorite things to do during the summertime because the winter days are crazy!

Chicago’s a pretty big city! It has about 19 miles of lakefront paths.

Basketball, track, and volleyball are pastimes I participated, and destructed, so inabilities to go pro inspired my need to either become a doctor, photographer, or philanthropist, and supported an interest for this blog.